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Pre-owned Trucks

We mainly deal with Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania and DAF trucks. Superior pre – owned trucks that you can trust for great Price! Locate a truck that meet all your needs from our wide selection inventory. We offer Free Registration and Free Inspection to all our clients


Sino Trucks
Sino truck through countless trials developed the gold power industrial chain, which consists of the world’s most advanced engine with the following benefits;
• Heavy duty truck chassis
• Reinforced body structure with proven telescopic tipping gear
• Combination of ride comfort and power
• Key pressure point reinforced cargo body
• Robust powertrain can help you tackle any challenge at the construction site
• Stable and reliable under-body tipping device ensures low-gravity hoisting
• Cost effective


Our new generation Tri axle Skeletal trailers for the container handling are well known because of their excellent quality and durability of smartly designed strong constructions combined with low maintenance axles and configurations which have proven to be suitable for the most severe circumstances.


Safety and Reliability have always been key in the choice of products we offer our clients. This is why we focus on delivering only quality brands in our tires range. We have a wide selection of affordable tires from some of the most recognizable brands available in the market with a guarantee for high performance. Some of the brands we offer are:

  • Yellow sea
  • Double coin
  • Double star

AdBlue is a solution which is used in trucks with Euro 4 and 5 diesel engines to have them run longer with less impact on the environment.

Using AdBlue will reduce your fuel costs by up to 5%. Tampering with or disabling your vehicle’s Blue-Tec systems reduces its engine power and harms the environment through toxic emissions.


Tractors provide the best solution on agricultural machinery for customers all around the world.  With new technology and innovation the Tractors have;

  • Strong power
  • High performance
  • Safe and Stabilized
  • High Reliability
  • Ergonomic design making driving easier
  • Cost effective
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